KAP Union Introduction

(Korea Automotive Parts Global Union)

KAP Union function

In working with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, KAP Union plays important role as following.
  • Expansion of innovative certification parts in domestic and global distribution channels.
  • Domestic market activation of OE & OES certified automotive parts.
  • Provide a support for close collaboration between Insurance company and domestic small and mid-size manufacturers.
  • Activation of automotive parts and repair shop business through price reduction.
  • Assist in building a solid foundation of domestic manufacturing.

KAP Union Company Overview

Company Name
KAP Union Korea Automotive Parts Global Union
Yong Hoon Joh
Date of Establishment
October 1, 2020
Form of Enterprise
Enterprise cooperative
Executive Member
Giant Network group
MECS Global
Hk Tech Corporation
Global Sales Rep.
Strengthening the global market competitiveness
of domestic auto parts makers.
Securing the leadership of the global value chain
of domestic auto parts makers.

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KAP Union | Korea Automotive Parts Global Union

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  • Seoul, Republic of Korea 07331
  • Tel:070-4486-0587
  • Fax:02-2666-0588