Quality certification system

Quality certification system is certified by Korean government and cooperating with the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport to test the quality of each automotive product in comparison to the quality of original part to certified as replacement product.

Certified seal / Certification

KAPA seal / certified logo

Certified manufacturers are permitted to use KAPA seal and logo on all advertising & promotional materials. without any legal restrictions.

KAPA seal / certification

KAPA seal is distributed to each certified manufacturer under very strict regulations. All seals will be control and managed internally and manufacturers are instructed to attach the seal on visible location of each product.

Certifying process for obtaining certified part certificate

Certifying process requires 5 stages


Document inspection

Process by automotive certified quality parts committee



Process through judging committee. Inspection date and list will be notify 7 days prior to the inspection date.


Certified parts testing

Test and evaluation are carry out by testing committee


Requesting for
an objection

Once the objection is received, immediate action will be taken internally.


Follow-up management

Evaluation is based regular inspection, random inspection and special inspection.

※ Detailed information on application, use of certified part certification can be find on www.i-kapa.org

Certificate authority of certified parts

Certificate authority od certified parts Korea Automobile Parts Association(KAPA) is established in accordance with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to perform below duties.

  • Establish process for carrying out the quality certifying duties.
  • Certificate authority of certified parts
  • Establish the organization structure to carry out the quality certifying duties
  • Issuing and management of certified part certificate and its seal
  • Operation and follow-up management of quality certified committee (review committee, operation committee)
  • Supporting of certified parts related business
certificate authority