KAP Union main business

KAP Union is a comprehensive business support platform that provides close cooperation support between domestic and small parts manufacturing and insurance companies, support for distribution of parts in domestic market, global market development, attract foreign investment, consulting & others

Certified parts application

  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Evaluation
  • Management of certified seal

Global sales network

  • Global investment attraction
  • Consulting expansion into global market
  • Import and exporting of automotive parts
  • Business cooperation of automotive related foreign business firm, government organization & association.
  • Host exhibit & convention to promote business matching.

Domestic sales network

  • Development
  • Select & manage of exclusive distributors and local agency
  • Assist manufacturer & insurance companies
  • Assist promotion & advertising of local governments

Academic research center

  • Domestic & foreign market research
  • Business consulting for foreign business expansion
  • Business feasibility analysis for automotive parts related businesses
  • Academic research of creating automotive parts related start-up system
  • Consulting of global investments
  • Research of other automotive related business