KAP Union organization chart

KAP Union is composed of professionals in automotive manufacturing, distribution, marketing and management field. Our service included strategic planning, public relations marketing & global sales.

organization chart

the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Korea Automobile Parts Association (KAPA)
Korea Automotive Parts Global Union (KAP Union)

Strategic planning

  • Business strategic
  • Foreign & domestic market research
  • Foreign relationship & investment
  • Planning for new business
  • Support for foreign business expansion
  • Execution of certified parts market research & consulting

Advertising marketing

  • Establishment of foreign & domestic marketing and public relations strategy
  • Foreign & domestic distribution channel
  • Advertising & public relations
  • Brand management

Global sales / marketing

  • Development of foreign business
  • Build relationship with foreign companies
  • Import & export affairs
  • Search of global business partners
  • Consulting of foreign business expansion

Logistic / management

  • Import & export administrative support
  • Fund management
  • Control of accounting & administrative management
  • Management of distribution center & inventory

Ho Rim Lee
Vice Chairman

  • Executive Director of KAPA (Korea Automobile Parts Association)
  • President/CEO of B2P Co., Ltd.
  • Former President/CEO of Mitchell Korea Co., Ltd.
  • Former COO of Dachser Korea Co., Ltd.

Je Chul Won
Vice Chairman

  • Vice Chairman of KIFFA (Korea International Freight Forwarders Association)
  • President/CEO of GIANT EXPRESS Co., Ltd.
  • President/CEO of LDX Korea Co., Ltd.

Choul Kyu Song
Vice Chairman

  • President/CEO of MECS TECH Co., Ltd.
  • Auditor General of MECS Global Co., Ltd.

Tom(Gyong Jin) Lee
Strategic Planning Director

  • Director of Policy Research Institute of KAPA
  • Vice Chairman of IMC KOREA (ICMCI CMC)
  • Expert Committee of Korea SMEs And Startups Agency
  • Representative Consultant of CNKG Co.,Ltd.

Jonathan Steve Yun
Global Sales & Marketing Director

  • Executive International Business Director of KAPA (Korea Automobile Parts Association)
  • Executive Vice President of HK Tech Corporation
  • POS-A.C. Co., Ltd.

  • Princeton University Graduate School
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Chicago

BD Ahn
PR & Marketing Director

  • Marketing Director of DIOGENE Co., Ltd.
  • Cheil Worldwide Co., Ltd.
  • HSAD Co., Ltd.

Danny(Young Sung) Zhao
International Business Director

  • Director of CNKG Co., Ltd
  • Director of GwellKorea Co., Ltd.

  • Chinese Market Specialist

Tae Ho You
Global Sales Director

  • MetLife Insurance Corporate Consulting Specialist
  • Director of CNKG Co., Ltd.
  • Korea Certified Management Consultant

Sophie Gaignard
European Legal Advisor

  • Barreau des Avocats of Chartres
  • Barreau des Avocats de Paris
  • Associate lawyer at Cabinet GIDE-LOYRETTE-NOUEL, Paris

  • University of Paris V, René DESCARTES
  • University of Paris X

Aernout Reints Bok
European Senior Advisor

  • Consultant of Signify & Klite
  • Head of Procurement LED lamp of Signify
  • Senior Director of Department &IMO-BE Innovation of Philips semiconducting/NXP

  • Technical University of Delft (Tu Delft)
  • Master Degree on Mechanical Engineering